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Grey Hair Isn’t Just for Old People

Grey hair is something everyone will have to deal with at some point in their life, but some people have to deal with it much sooner than others. Most people associate grey hair with old age, but the truth is that even people in their teens and twenties can have grey hair. When your hair begins to turn grey when you are younger, it’s called premature greying. So if it’s not just old age that makes your hair turn grey, then what exactly causes greying hair?

Hair Pigments

Believe it or not, everyone starts out with white hair. There are cells in hair follicles that are called melanocytes, and these cells produce different pigments such as the main one called melanin, which is what gives your hair its color. Click here to discover more!

If you have dark hair, it means there is a large amount of melanin present in your hair follicles. If you have lighter hair, it means there is less melanin present. Sometimes, for some reason, the melanocytes stop producing melanin, which results in hair that is actually transparent, not grey. It only looks grey because it is set against your darker hair.


Genetics do sometimes play a part in whether or not your hair will start to grey at a younger age, though not always. Just because your mom or dad may have turned grey early, doesn’t necessarily mean you will, but the chances are higher. As you age, the cells in the roots of your hair may start to produce less pigment, which results in grey hairs popping up sporadically. As you continue to age, less and less pigment is produced until it stops completely and that’s when you will have a full head of grey hair.

Hiding Grey Hair

gray hair no more

If you have grey hair, you may have chosen to hide those greys with hair dye. One thing you should be aware of is that hair dye doesn’t stick as well to grey hair as it does to hair with pigmentation, so you may end up having to “color” your hair quite often to keep those grey hairs hidden. Coloring grey hair at home is easy and cheap to do.

Some people choose not to use hair dye and instead fully embrace their greying hair. Younger people tend to not like the idea of having grey hair because it makes them feel old or other people will joke with them about being old or appearing old because that is the stigma associated with grey hair. If you’re grey, you’re old.

There is also a product you can purchase to take that will prevent, stop, and reverse greying hair. This product will reduce the amount of money you spend on do-it-yourself hair dye or expensive salon dye jobs. And this product will make you feel and even look younger since you won’t have those noticeable grey hairs sprouting up everywhere.

This product is called Gray hair No More and many people are using it and have been satisfied with the results they’ve received. If you want to get rid of your grey hairs or stop them from popping up to begin with, think about giving this product a try.

gray hair no more

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