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ilovemydogsYour Daily Care is all about making a difference. Welcome to the site, my name is Walt, I am the guy you see on the right with one of my 11 doggies. She is called Bonny. As I was going to quickly snap a picture to introduce myself to you here, she decided to ‘at that moment’ give me some loving. (Much to my enjoyment as you can see..) Right.. This site. What about it? I have owned this website you’re on right now for many years.

From the moment I bought it, I loved the name ‘Your Daily Care’. It has a real nice sound to it, thinking it would do brilliant in the wellness industry. I always dreamed about Your Daily Care becoming a top brand health website.

It was the main goal of buying the site back then. Helping people worldwide preventing to get diseases they’re walking around with right now. And, of course I hoped it would become a financial success. Profits with which I could reach others and help even more.

Up until today, none of that has happened yet. So, I’ve decided to change the site’s purpose and will put it to work in aid of helping animals in need. Something I personally am very much involved in.

How does it work? It’s simple.

The site you’re on right now is a website I put together on which I will publish all sorts of health related content. I’m sorry the design is not (yet) where it totally belongs, but it is functional for the purpose of this site right now.

As you will see, each article published will carry some advertising.

Any revenue made from this page by use of the advertising will go entirely towards helping animals. It will initially support the 11 rescued dogs you see in the following video.

You may count only ten in this video and you will be correct. This video was recorded just before number 11 was found. His name is Bobje. Which means little Bob in Dutch. Here he is:


I personally rescued and adopted these 11 amazing dogs. They are now all living with me and will continue to do so for ever.

On top of the 11 dogs, I also have 4 cats too.

If you think having so many animals is something that’s unique, you’re unfortunately very far from the truth around where I live. I know people who have adopted more dogs and cats as that I have. And, the truth is, there are many more of these amazing animals who are still out there, urgently needing rescue / adoption / neutering / castration etc. All these are stray animals.

On top of this, all of the ones who did get lucky by being adopted by one of us here, they don’t run on solar energy. The costs of keeping the animals fed and in top shape are huge. Day in, day out. We pay for all this ourselves.

Besides that, as mentioned earlier, there are still too many animals in need out there that need to be rescued and offered sanctuary. Just in the direct districts where we live here, there are thousands of animals needing urgent help.

I’m not asking for your money though. Far from it.

Don’t get me wrong, if you want to finance a large scale animal rescue and sanctuary center, please DO contact me! (Leave me a comment below!)

In case you’re not, then perhaps you could consider checking out what the advertisements are all about, and if they might interest you in any way or form, to then act and take full advantage of them. It’s what they are there for, right? As mentioned, I’m using the ads to monetize this website. All revenues made from these ads go to the animals. All of it.

There are ads on this site that will generate revenue simply by a visitor clicking on it, and then there will be ads and product recommendations with which a commission is earned per each purchase made through the Your Daily Care shop section. Some of these products can lead to very big commissions.

In all cases: All revenue made with this site is going to the animals. Should you want to support me and my 11 dogs, 4 cats and help me found and fund a large scale animal rescue and sanctuary center, then please consider checking out the ads (Won’t cost you nothing) Or, consider buying a product you see in our Your Daily Care shop. Every single cent will go towards the animals, and to realizing my dream of getting the animal sanctuary be born. Please consider helping.

If Your Daily Care becomes successful with doing that, hopefully it will then be able to support many more animals in need.

My ultimate goal is to found a large scale animal rescue and sanctuary center. With the use of this site, and with other online projects I run, I hope to help fund it. Your Daily Care has advertising on the site. 100% of the revenue made with these advertisements will go towards the animals.

In case you’re thinking that you too like the sound of Your Daily Care as a brand for your incredible health product, then why not consider buying the name from me?

You can own ‘Your Daily Care’ and help me help animals in need.

For the right product, Yourdailycare.com is the million dollar domain name. A little more than a million dollar is what’s needed to fund and found the large scale animal sanctuaries I dream of manifesting.

I might get lucky and get the right person here who wants to purchase the domain as well as wanting to help animals. So, should you want it, and have a million or so lying around, please consider making your dream come true, and the dreams of all the animals that will be reached and rescued because of it..

Thank you all.


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